Today, glass is a collective term of various high-tech products. The glasses differ considerably according to their usage. However, the production process has to be controlled constantly since marginal deviation can influence the desired properties negatively. Material analysis of glass is thus an important aspects of quality management. Therefore, samples are taken and analysed on a regular basis. In this process, X-ray fluorescence material analysis play an important role.

The quality of raw materials has to be analysed as well. This applies both for mineral raw materials (e.g. quartz sand) and for secondary raw materials (recycled glass). For instance, the amount of iron oxide in quartz sand should be minimal since slightest iron oxide impurities may result in a green color of the glass.

The material analysis of glass is of fundamental importance for the following sectors

(this list is not exhaustive):

  • Architecture
  • Cars
  • Solar panels
  • Aviation
  • Medicine
  • Optic & Imaging
  • Household
  • Military

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