X-Ray fluorescence analysis is the preferred method for the material analysis of biodiesel. However this method comes along with certain difficulties when it comes down to analyze liquids. A special container for the sample or an atmosphere of helium are necessary in order to use X-Ray fluorescence analysis. Terrachem therefore developed a unique method which allows accurate measurements even without sample containers or helium atmospheres.

Thanks to our LiTrap-method, we are able to detect the “difficult” elements Ca, Mg, Na, K, F reliably and reproducible even in the lower ppm ranges.

Material analysis of biodiesel using LiTrap

The capability of our LiTrap-method has recently been demonstrated in a round robin test with renowned partners. With our method, we can easily fulfil the analytical requirements of the norms EN14538 (alkaline earth metals Ca+Mg <5 ppm), EN14108/14109 (alkali content Na+K <5 ppm), and EN14107 (phosphorus content <4 ppm) in only a single measurement! The laborious and expensive measurement with various methods (AAS, ICP-OES and XRF) can be omitted. Benefit from this method analysing your samples in a cost-effective, reproducible and fast method. We only need a single measurement in order to determine various parameters using only x-ray fluorescent analysis.

X-ray fluorescence analysis is completely sufficient for the material analysis of biodiesel!