X-Ray fluorescence analytics on site with one of our mobile analysis laboratories
Terrachem is equipped with a portable equipment pool for X-Ray fluorescence analytics on site.
Additionally to our analytical services we sell used wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer with a warranty of six months.
Also within short notice, we can supply you with a XRF device and bring it into service on site. The infrastructural requirements are minimal: 5 m2 of space and a power connection (220 VAC, 1 kW) are needed.

Use of XRD for X-Ray fluorescence analytics on site

Our rental devices are typically used in time limited projects or sudden device failures. For instance using one of our spectrometry we took care of the establishment of sulfur analysis in rape seed oil for one of our customers. Another example is how one of our customers could improve its quality management for white glass production used for solar glass manufacturing using X-ray fluorescence.

Additional Services

The adjustment of our measuring programs, the courses for employees and our intensive support via telephone, Internet, on-site or in our laboratory are parts of our services.
If desired, we offer a crash course to enable you to carry out the measurements on your own as soon as possible.
Take advantage of this cheap opportunity to carry out your analysis. Optimise your costs for quality assurance!