1. All offers, deliveries and services of the laboratory are grounded on the following general terms and conditions. The client refrains from enforcing distinct and deviating conditions.
  2. Orders must be recorded in written form or confirmed by the laboratory in writing. Information given verbally or on the phone is non-binding.
  3. The services of the laboratory are deducted on the basis of the prices and deadlines given in the written offer. If such an offer has not been made, the deduction is made according to the currently valid price calculation. Value added tax and additional services are not included in the fees.
  4. If not contracted differently, orders are processed in chronology of arrival. There can be an express surcharge for privileged works depending on the degree of urgency. The client will be informed about this surcharge before the work begins.
  5. The laboratory can cancel the process of an order if there are eligible doubts about its success. Subservices up to that point can be cleared.
  6. If any potential dangers and risks related to the order are known to the client, the client is committed to inform the laboratory before the order is processed..
  7. TERRACHEM devices and systems underlie persistent maintenance und control. Device errors or other defaults may lead to delays and resulting recourse claims. TERRACHEM is not liable for these. TERRACHEM is only liable for potential analysis errors up to twice the analysis price of the requested service or partial performance. In this case, the laboratory is granted two attempts of improvement. TERRACHEM can charge the repetition of measurements desired by the client, if they confirm the accuracy of the first analysis. Objections to the test result or the calculation are to be declared in written form immediately or no later than 14 days after the invoice date
  8. Test material shall be sent to the laboratory freight paid. The client pays delivery fees incurred by post or railway. Moreover, the laboratory is entitled to send items, especially samples, back to the client after the completion of the assignment at the client’s expense
  9. Storage of samples. If the client does not take back the samples after the completion of work, the provided samples are disposed of three months after the submission of the report.
  10. Reports, certificates and expert opinions of the laboratory may only be copied or passed on in full and without its additions. Extracts may only be copied with the consent of the laboratory. Laboratory reports are stored for five years.
  11. The laboratory undertakes to keep confidential results achieved during the audit work. Information concerning current or completed orders or the mentioning of customer names as reference requires the consent of the customer.
  12. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction for all operations of the laboratory in MANNHEIM.