Overview Analysis measured using x-ray fluorescence

With an overview analysis, main and secondary components of unknown samples can be analysed fast and easily. In this method, all parameters are already preset and all elements from carbon to uranium can be detected with this standardless method. For liquids, all elements sequentially sodium are detected. In doing so, deviations up to circa 10% are possible. This method is not suitable for trace analysis in the lower ppm range. For this, one would need reference samples.

XRF overview analyses are particularly suitable for the incoming components inspection in order to prove the identity and to analyse external products. Even negative statements, e.g. that a certain element is not contained, are possible. Furthermore, samples can be compared by an overlap of overview analyses and differences within every single batch can be identified.

The X-ray fluorescence spectrometers is equipped with special crystals which are necessary for the proof of boron, carbonate and nitrogen. Thus a fast classification to identify the material classes (such as carbonates, borates, nitrates …) is possible due to our special quantitative measurement programs.